About Us

About Us

Cisma organizes local level to international level sports events. We provide end to end services like media management, participant management, spectator management, venue management and regulatory management. We provide safety and comfort to all involved. With many years of experience in sports management, we work hard to make every event memorable and successful.
Our USP is we don’t just manage events but bring big brands in sport events. We also bring sponsorships.

Our Motto

You dream of a novel sports event, we bring it into reality in a win win style.

Our Goal

We aim at holding various existing and innovative events for sport associations, schools, corporate companies, government offices, banks, sports clubs, social clubs at local, state, national and international level.
We can organize any sports event. We have technical knowhow and support from professionals in every walk of sports. We organise event by hiring the professionals from the specific game field.
We aim at bringing big sports brands in India from all over the world.
We want to bring out hidden Indian talented sportspersons on the global map and for that we want to increase awareness about sports in public at large.

Our Speciality

► We don’t charge for the sports event management.
► We have online registration facility designed for every different game.
► Entry fees are collected online only
► The draws and heats for the event are also done online with our expert tech team.
► The expenses are recovered from entry fees and by the way of bringing in big brands and sponsors in sports. Whatever balance remains after covering the event expenses is our profit.
We aim at making every event a big property.

Why Choose Us

Bring modern sports to India and create platform for sportspersons to compete at every level.

Our Core

We are a team of 3, from different walks of life, linked together with the same objectives. That is, making sports popular in the community and bringing in International brands of sports events to India and making every event memorable.

Meet Our Team



► Post Graduate in International Business from University of Warwick, UK.

► Ranked 10th in the world of “Seven ocean swimmers” by “World Open Water Swimming Association, USA”.

► Youngest to bag the prestigious Shiv Chhatrapati Award for his contribution in Open-water swimming, at the age of 12 years.

Phone: 8390925399

EMAIL: aditya@cismasports.com



► M. A. in Marathi, Pune University.

► Owned an Advertising Company from 1993-2013.

► Working in rural part of Pune district to create environmental awareness since 2004.

► Distribution of 45000 plants in various villages.

► Kendur Pabal and surrounding area is now free from drought since 2004.

Phone: 9822061151

EMAIL: janakee@cismasports.com



► Shiv Chhatrapati Awardee swimming coach from Maharashtra.

► Working in sports field for the last 35 years. Coaching National/International swimmers.

► Arranging events for almost 25 years in various sports like, swimming, biathle, traithle, Life Saving, Triathlon etc.

Phone: 9689893714

EMAIL: vinay@cismasports.com